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Trying to find my own voice

Step-by-step tutorial with source code

Created in Canva

The first step in creating an antispam bot is to create bots on the Discord Developer Portal.

Go to and create a new application. Assign any name of your choice and hit the create button.

After creating the bot, navigate to the bot column in settings and Add the Bot. Now navigate to OAuth2 and assign permission to your bot like administration rights.

Copy the Bot authorization key and add it to your discord server.

Also, copy your token and paste it somewhere safe which you’ll be using later in your anti-spambot

Coding your Bot

Open up any IDE of your choice…

Adobe product lineup in different fields

Artists around the world use various Adobe products to create everything from the icon we see on our phones to the movies we watch in theaters. There are only a bunch of Adobe products that we are familiar with like Photoshop, Premiere Pro but, there are more than 50+ products Adobe offers across different categories.

This is a quick article to give you an overview of all the adobe products to help you better understand what they are offering in different categories

1. Adobe Photoshop

Jyoti Amge: A True Dwarf

Jyoti Amge, GuinnessWorldRecord. Source

History is full of surprises, including the dwarfs that amazed the world with its unusual size. it is only in recent decades that scientific explanations for this phenomenon have emerged namely Achondroplasia.

However, humanity is sometimes offered with the blessing of truly unique people, such as Jyoti Amge, holding the Guinness World Record as the shortest being to ever exist at a height of 62.8cm

An Unexpected Childhood

“The command and control center of all five elements lies in our fingers. So literally, our health lies at our fingertips” — Advait

Image by the Author

Yoga is more than just about the asanas wherein you twist your body or practice difficult asanas. There are a lot of other ancient techniques that work in Yoga. We will talk about one of them i.e. Mudra, an ancient technique that we practice during Pranayama or Meditation.

Modern scientific research has established that moving different parts of
your hands activate different areas of your brain. Since ancient times, Indian
philosophy has taught how the fingers move and touch each other influences the flow of prana, the life-giving energy within the body

There are various kinds of mudras

  • Mudras to boost mental acuity and calm

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