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There’s not a single day I don't open my WhatsApp, — It's inevitable!

It's free to use and super useful to stay connected to your loved ones.

But, there are times when we can’t stay up late at night to wish the person Happy Birthday Honeyor let’s break up! (lol).

but, that's ok! We’re humans and we forget. Right?

But, that doesn't mean…

Always keeping up with the trends and coming across various resources for inspiration is a vital part of every designer. It is always important to acquire new skills and grind on them every day to stay ahead and relevant in the industry.

I hope that this list can help you…

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Yoga is more than just about the asanas wherein you twist your body or practice difficult asanas. There are a lot of other ancient techniques that work in Yoga. We will talk about one of them i.e. Mudra, an ancient technique that we practice during Pranayama or Meditation.

Modern scientific…


Simplicity with an Impact.

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